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Rayon Fabrics: Soft As Feels, Breathable & For Summer!

Rayon fabrics are a common material for making garments and interior components due to their being soft, airy, and make nice folds. They are soft upon the skin, making you feel almost buttery compared to ordinary T-shirts, of course at a fraction of the price. At MurphysLane, you will find an excellent lineup of different types of rayon fabrics including a hand-picked selection for the perfect project.

What is Rayon Fabric?

Rayon is a fabric that is made from natural materials such as wood pulp but it has certain processes added to it to become a cloth. It’s not the same with cotton, probably, although it originates from nature. Synthetic fibers are quite far behind in this area because Rayon is still letting skin 'breathe.'

Rayon vs. Cotton: What is better?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer. Both rayon and cotton have their pros and cons: The rayon and cotton fibers have shown up even at the expense of price and risk, proving quite advantageous.

- Rayon: Stays crisp and doesn't crease up, glslide smoothly, and is available in the most fantastic prints.
- Cotton: It catches your breath and in turn, the sensation against the skin is something close to heaven, which makes it a perfect partner, particularly on sunny tropical days.

Is Rayon 100% Cotton?

Nope! Rayon is not exactly the variation of cultivated cotton; actually, it is drawn from nature.

Great for Summer Clothes!

Rayson cloth will be a summer wear outfit preference as it provides appropriate ventilation. They do it be moving water away from your body when you are sweaty. This makes you feel fresh and cool. In order not to overload the material you should treat the fabric with care while it is wet since it is not very strong with water.

Explore the Many Uses of Rayon Fabrics:

At Murphy's Lane, we have a wide variety of rayon fabrics to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your project: The MurphysLane is a one stop store with as many varieties of rayon to suite your needs so you can find the perfect one for your design.

- Printed Rayon Fabrics: Our prints section in rayon counts are as you would expect with more geometrical, floral, and mixed prints than you could ever imagine.
- Solid Color Rayon Fabrics: If you just need to get some fabric started, you may need a beginner’s fabric. We offer a wide variety of solid rayon color fabrics. These would be suitable for providing the color sensations of the season you have in mind.
- Foil Print Rayon Fabrics: Got a spark would you like to add to your project? Foil print rayon fabrics that are ideal for dresses, blouses, or anything that has to have a glittery look is one of our examples.
- Embroidered Rayon Fabrics: Attract the world to your modified garment with Rayon fabrics designed with fabulous machine embroidery. They make it stylized and give the detail needed to emphasize the point.

What are the Benefits of Using Rayon Fabrics from MurphysLane?

- Top Quality: We exclusively deal with the suppliers we trust the most, this way we guarantee you the high-quality of our rayon fabrics.
- Soft & Breathable: Our rayon fabrics hang nicely and are an appealing choice by many people in the hot season as these fabrics are as soft and comfortable as they can get.
- Lots of Prints & Colors: Our market is vast and we have all sorts of rayon, being either printed or solid colors.
- Versatile: Rayon suits for any purpose: pull in the flow dresses, or try it out for your comfortable T-shirts, or home décor items.

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