Collection: Synthetic

Exploring the synthetic fabrics at Murphyslane

Murphyslane offers a wide range of synthetic cloth material, Synthetic fabrics  are fabrics that are man-made, they are created through chemical processes using raw materials such as petroleum-based substances or other chemicals. 

Synthetic fabrics offer various characteristics and advantages, including durability, resistance to wrinkles and moisture, and the ability to be engineered for specific purposes and are easily available online. 

One of the most popular synthetic fabrics that people commonly turn to for their projects is polyester fabrics. With its widespread availability, durability, and versatility, polyester material  has become a go-to choice for many seeking reliable, affordable & aesthetic synthetic fabric online.

Polyester fabrics prints offered by Murphyslane 

At MurphysLane, we offer a diverse range of polyester printed materials, printed polyester fabrics is a creation of synthetic fabrics mixed with digital printed technology providing an array of options for those seeking quality and stylish fabric choices, such as: 

Printed Pastel & Abstract - this fabric has a mixture of gorgeous pastel shades that makes it look like a dreamy watercolour painting, its vibrant and soft. It resists stretching and shrinking making sure the shape of the outfit remains the same over time. It is also available in many beautiful colour options such as sky-blue & green, purple & yellow and peach & pista green.

Printed swirl - this fabric has vibrant and mesmerising swirl design that is a true masterpiece of colour and patterns, this fabric seamlessly adapts to what your style needs whether you're making a beautiful dress or home décor with this material it's for sure to leave a lasting impression. available in pink and peach.

Printed floral - this fabric has beautiful floral designs, making it very eye catchy. For someone who wants a fabric that simply looks elegant and aesthetic, this is the perfect choice. It's durable and easy to take care of, available in peach on lavender, peach on back and yellow on turquoise.

Tropical prints - this polyester printed fabric showcases a rich tropical landscape including various leaves printed and flowers. This fabric is Wrinkle Resistance, lightweight and best suitable for making tropical themed outfits and accessories. The colour option is this material is jungle blue or jungle green. & this printed fabric is also available in floral garden design. This print resembles tropical paradise  and is one of the must haves for the summers. This fabric is perfect for adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe and infusing your style with the lively spirit .

In conclusion, MurphysLane offers a diverse collection of synthetic fabric online like the polyester printed fabrics, blending synthetic innovation with digital printing technology. From dreamy pastels to vibrant swirls, elegant florals, and tropical paradises, these materials marry durability with aesthetic addition to may also like our cotton embroidered fabrics . Explore our online selection for stylish and reliable options to make your every project a masterpiece.