Collection: Laces

All you need to know about embroidered Laces

Lace is an ornamental textile that has been around for ages in the form of wedding gowns, table clothes, curtains, and so much more. And there’s a reason why this material has created such a hype for itself over the centuries. Lace cloth material is extremely lightweight, comfortable, and graceful, giving just about any garment an elegant touch.

What some people may not know is that there are many different types of lace. And one of the most wanted are the Embroidered lace. The embroidered net lace includes many sequins, beads, and crystals making it a very festive fabric. Embroidery on lace fabric also gives 3D lace effects which makes it look truly stunning and captivating. It's most commonly found in party wear, like gowns.  They are also used on lehengas, sarees and for various patchwork to give outfits that extra touch!

Murpyslans has a wide range of imported embroidered fabrics that are a must have to give your outfit that special look ! we have:

  1. Courtyard floral sequins lace: this imported sequin lace made of abstract  floral sequins and bead work, it looks gorgeous and makes any fit look luxurious. It is available in many colours, this sequin lace material  is best for formal occasions like dresses, blouses etc.
  2. 3D laces: These imported 3D laces have a beautiful floral pattern on the net fabric with small beads on it which gives a very 3D effect making it look very elegant. It is available in different colours and  is ideal for making evening gowns, and accessories since it is strong and long-lasting. Patchworks of this lace can be used to design different garments as well.
  3. Regal sequins and stone work lace: this regal sequin lace is one of a kind and extremely hard to find, its luxurious texture and detailed beadwork can give any outfit that glam look. It's available in many colours and can be designed into sarees, gowns, lehengas and much more.

Winding up here are some tips to keep in mind while washing your embroidered laces:

  • The “hand wash” cycle of your machine should be used while washing the lace in the machine.
  • Use a delicate wash bag and a moderate, cool wash cycle every time.
  • Utilise a detergent designed for fragile materials.
  • If you decide to wash the clothes by hand, take particular care not to rub the fabric.

By following these tips, you can preserve the beauty of embroidered lace fabrics and ensure they remain a timeless part of your wardrobe.